Cucumber Gose

Another summer classic, the gose. A beer traditionally brewed in Goslar Germany, this beer has a citrus like tartness thanks to a combination of coriander and lacto, and a salty finish due to the addition of sea salt. A once dead style (by the 1960s only a few breweries in Germany were even making the it) you can find this delicious beer style year round!

I recently had Toolbox’s cucumber berliner weisse while visiting San Diego and thought how amazing it could be as a gose. The light melon like characteristic you get from a little bit of cucumber is incredible. Learning a little bit from my raspberry berliner I toned it down on the malt bill so it was much lighter and let it ferment on just the lacto culture for longer to get a better tartness. I also didn’t want too much coriander in my gose so I went light on that, about half as much as other recipes recommended.

Brew Date – 3/11/2016
Batch Size (Gal) 3
Total Grain (Lbs) 4.5 lb
OG 1.034
Anticipated IBU 2.9
Wort Boil Time 20 Minutes
Efficiency 65%

1.8lbs    40%   Pilsner
2.7lb     60%    Flaked Wheat
0.3oz Hallertau

0.3oz Salt (Boil for 20 minutes )
0.15oz Coriander (Boil for 20 minutes)

1 Cucumber (~0.33lbs per gallon)

Omega Yeast Lacto Blend
Finished with Safale 05

Mash Schedule
Sacch Rest 60 minutes at 147F

I let it ferment for 3 months on nothing but lacto, it ended up around 1.020 before the Safale us-05. I couldn’t believe how strong the coriander got, especially when accentuated by the tartness. After 3 months I added 1 cucumber, peeled and seeded. After two weeks it was bottling time.

Review post coming up next!

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