Getting Organized

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!

It was a busy weekend for me, but Monday I had just enough energy to finally get my apartment in order. As I accumulate brewing equipment, everything from books, tubing, buckets, especially carboys, I’ve noticed that it has gathered in a pile in an otherwise empty corner of my 1 bedroom apartment.


After a much needed visit to the container store, and a couple of hours of labor, voila! An organized brewing space. On the bottom I have my three filled carboys hidden in cardboard boxes to reduce the amount of light they see. Eventually I’ll buy a curtain to drape over the bottom and be done with the cardboard all together. In the middle, I’ve got my 5 gallon brew pot to do my 3 gallon batches and right next to it are my first brew buckets. I mainly use them now for keeping sanitized water handy and bottling when the time comes. Then we have some books for the next shelf, and finally on the top my mash tun and some boxes where I keep empty bottles.


Was quite the labor day. While I was putting all of this together, I had this bad boy in the oven. Nothing quite like a homemade deep dish pizza. Being from Chicago, I really don’t think Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s is even worth it anymore. Granted its a lot of work, but its way better than anything I’ve had from either of those places. Not that I was much of a fan to begin with.


Short post for today but big things are coming in the next month! We’ve got Zwanze day at West Lake View Liquors coming up on the 19th. Following that should be another brew day for myself using dreggs from Sante Adairius. I plan on writing about my process for harvesting yeast from the bottle as well. Then, I should be bottling my saison towards the end of September. Finally, Darkness Day 2015 is October 24th which I plan on attending this year. Around the same time I hope to finally be enjoying my first home brew sour beer!



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