Saison v1 Review

The beer has a light straw color. It’s not quite see through but it’s almost there. There is a fizzy head the forms straight out of the bottle but dissapates rather quickly. Within a minute it is all but gone.

The beer has a noticeably citrus and tropical fruit smell. Not quite pinapple, but something more subtle. There is also a strong breadiness aroma to the beer with a nuanced horsy smell followed by the familiar funk. Overall, very enticing.

The first sip gives off a strong citrus taste. It then mellows out into the familiar lactic tartness and is finally followed closely by that barnyard funk. It has stronger citrus, grassy, and lactic flavor than the horsey character, however it is definitely present. There is a lingering footiness to the beer that reminds me of Penrose Deminimus, in that its stronger in this beer than in other Saisons I’ve had. Note quite as strong, but reminds me of it. In the beginning it almost tastes like it has some sulfur notes which are a little worrying, however by the end of the glass I don’t pick it up at all.
The mouthfeel of the beer is pleasantly dry but not thin. This was something I was worried about when I initially began trying the beer, but its amazing what carbonation did. It’s nice and dry but the carbonation gives it that full sensation.

It’s a great beer, plenty of room for improvement though. I wish the head wasn’t quite as dismissive. I’m hoping for v2 to get that nice head and lacing around the glass. The aroma and taste and very enticing however, its a great light beer. I’m not a huge fan of the lingering footiness of the beer, I’d rather have it finish more cleanly, but it’s not off putting. I can drink an entire bottle of it which certainly tells me something.

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