Saison v2 Review

It’s been awhile! With so much brewing, I’ve been a little neglectful of updating this blog but I’m back, this time to do a review of the 2nd iteration of my saison. This saison was brewed with Sante Adarius dreggs, aged for 3 months, and its been in the bottle for close to 5 months now.



It pours a nice hazy yellow orange color, a little bit darker than the color of straw thanks to the low amount of munch malt. It has a beautiful thick head that lasts for a long time. A vast improvement to the first saison. The head leaves a good lacing with every sip. A good looking beer.


The aroma is a combination of a soft citrus smell and sweet malt. It smells faintly like a dry white whine. Not nearly as bready smelling as the first saison. Not a whole lot of yeast or brett character which would be nice.


It’s incredibly light and effervescent, and has a terrific mouthfeel. I’ll be redoing this grain bill and carbonation level for the rest of my saisons. Very pleased with it. The taste starts off as a sweet and citric taste and then fades into a a pleasant grassiness. The overall taste reminds me a fresh orange peel. There isn’t any of the normal phenolic saison characteristics, but that is to be expected.


I enjoyed this very much overall! The appearance, head, and mouthfeel were exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I would have loved for the brett to come out a little stronger to help balance the tartness, since it is very malt and sour forward. In the future I might start adding fresh cultures of brett to really bring out the character.

The most interesting part about this beer, is that 2 weeks to a month out of the bottle it had an awful sulfur smell. It came as wonderful surprise when I opened one up around 2 months in the bottle that it had cleaned up considerably, and continues to do so over time. That fart smell faded into that great grass taste thanks to the brett in the beer. After tasting it initially however, I decided to try and ferment out a clean saison and then add wild cultures to it after 2 weeks. So Saison v3 is well under way. I’ll cover the process in depth in a separate post.

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