Saison v2

With the Sante Adairius dreggs harvested and Saison v1 in the bottles it was time to make Saison v2!

I’ve only tasted the non bottle conditioned version of v1 but I already have several improvements I want to make this time.

  • Reduce head space and use a 3 gallon carboy. I was originally using a 5 gallon carboy for 3 gallons of beer and I think I’m getting some slight farty / burnt rubber tastes which could be a sign of oxidation. Brewing this batch in a 3 gallon carboy filled to the brim should alleviate that.
  • The body was awfully thin so I’d like to try some things to up the protein a bit and give it more mouthfeel. I was recently drinking Hottenroth thinking, it was a very dry beer, but it still had a very nice body and mouth feel. A good chunk of that has to do with carbonation, but I couldn’t help but think there must be something I could do to v2 to improve it. This is the reason why this recipe calls for unmalted wheat and some caramel 10.
  • Cooler temperature. I don’t have AC in my apartment so the high heat did a number on v1, resulting in a much more lactic beer than I would have originally intended. Expecting a vast improvement because of this.saisonv2
  • Bottle after 4 weeks. I regret letting v1 sit for 12 weeks and I’d like to see what this batch is after 4.

With that said, here is the recipe for v2!

Batch Size (Gal) 3
Total Grain (Lbs) 8lb
OG 1.052
Anticipated IBU 26
Wort Boil Time 60 Minutes
Efficiency 55% (I believe the cereal mash messed me up here)

6lbs    75%   Pilsner
1lb     12%    Unmalted Wheat
0.5lbs 6%     Caramel 10
0.5lbs 6%     Munich 60L

1oz Hallertau

Dreggs taken from Sante Adarius Bottles

Mash Schedule
Cereal Mash with the Unmalted Wheat for 20 minutes
Sacch Rest 60 minutes at 148F

There you have it. In about 6 weeks I’m hoping to have a bottle conditioned v2.


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